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It's September! It's time to start...doing something??

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

It's September! It's time to start…(doing?) something??

New season, new me! Right? Let’s gooo !! No excuses! Let’s do this! Ra ra ra…


There’s so much out there. It’s so easy to be enthusiastic about that idea of “the new me”. This fall, I’m going to… drink more water, do yoga every morning at 6.30, smile more, become best friends with that neighbour who won’t make eye contact ( I KNOW I can win them over with the right conversation starter…how they resist this winning smile?), be the best plant mom (I’ll finally water my plants on the right schedule and be the proud owner of a thriving succulent!!), and so on and so on….

It’s okay.

It’s great to feel that rush that comes with the beginning of the school year and the first cooler temperatures. I don’t know about you, but summer just puts me in permanent frozen margarita mood. The hotter it gets, the more difficult it is for me to concentrate and focus on work. I just want to lie on the grass in a park and nap.

When fall hits, there’s that promise of starting something new. A new schedule. A new plan. What am I going to incorporate into my schedule to be a better, more improved me?

It’s great to be ambitious, but I have a suggestion for you: do one thing at a time. Great that you’re making changes, but make one a week, and by the end of the month see what takes.

Probably one of those changes consists of going back to the gym. Moving more.. What does that even mean? Taking dance breaks? Taking dance breaks only works if you don’t feel like an idiot when you’re dancing.

I have a proposal for you. Before you hit the gym and take one of those crazy cross training classes, try something a bit gentler that will prepare you for that insanity.

Invest in a series of personal training sessions.

Invest in some Pilates lessons.

Pilates just hits differently. It prepares your body for all that intense stuff. It gets you more connected to your body. It teaches you how to move all together as a connected system as opposed to random bits and pieces of body parts.

It will teach you how to move in a connected way from your head to your toes. It will build your strength from your inside out, starting with your breathing and your core (abdominals, hips, upper and lower back).

You will use equipment that looks like it comes from a torture chamber, but is actually quite nice to use, believe it or not! You will stretch, move and strengthen your body. You will move in different ways that will help you feel better in the body that you have, rather trying to whip yourself into a fitness influencer’s shape (which is mostly dictated by genetics anyway, so why..why… WHY DO THAT??)

Anyway, when you decide to come over to the dark side and enter the torture room that is the Pilates equipment studio… you won’t regret it. We do it with a smile and it’s a fall habit that you won’t regret starting.

Email for more info:

or WhatsApp:

Let me know in the comments your fall plans and goals!

Just getting by can also be ok.

You got this!

NO ROBOTS (except spellcheck) were used in the writing of this blog post.

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