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About Anna...

I loved dancing when I was a child so I studied modern dance and ballet,  eventually creating and choreographing my own work and working as a professional dancer. While I was studying at Purchase College, SUNY, I discovered the transformative power of Pilates. This method not only helped me recover from a lower back injury but also became my passion and career.

I performed in Toronto, New York, and Chicago until I decided to call Amsterdam home. Here, I brought my expertise to several studios, helping them become established: Studio Annamora, The Movement Practice, and Smartbody Studio.  Eventually, I worked as a master trainer and assistant director for the Smartbody Studio Teacher Training Program from 2006 to 2022.

Today, I have expanded my teaching beyond Pilates, including Strength and Mobility, while also offering classes in pelvic floor & diastasis rehabilitation. My mission is to empower individuals through movement, promoting strength, flexibility, and holistic well-being.

Body Balance LTD
Heritage Training with Cara Reeser
BASI Probridge
Svaha Yoga 500 Hr Training
Mobility & Strength Opleiding:
Movement Based Athletics (Erwin Maaswinkel and Virgil Spier) 
Continuing Education:
Pilates for Diastasis and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, Carolyne Anthony
Pilates for Menopause, Carolyne Anthony
Pilates Through Pregnancy: Ashley Steele (BASI)
Pilates for Injuries and Pathologies: Samantha Wood (BASI)
 Kathi Ross-Nash, Cara Reeser, Sagrario Castilla, Elizabeth Larkam, Rachel Taylor Segal, Amy Taylor Alpers, Deborah Kolwey, Tom McCook, Kirk Smith and Sharon Gallagher,
Ido Portal, Fighting Monkey. 
Restore Your Core®
Functional Range Conditioning®
Anna Pilates Amsterdam doing a teaser


Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on strengthening the core muscles, improving posture, and enhancing flexibility and balance. It was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century and has become popular worldwide. Pilates exercises are typically done on a mat or with specialized equipment, such as a Reformer or Cadillac. The practice emphasizes controlled movements and proper breathing techniques. It can be beneficial for people of all ages and fitness levels.

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Restore Your Core®

RYC® is a whole body approach to healing pelvic floor and diastasis recti. Healing pelvic floor or diastasis recti is not a one size fits all situation. Nor is spot treatment the answer. Learning about our bodies and how they move, or don't move, is what we do in RYC®. Using movements from Pilates, Yoga and Natural Movement, we work on discovering movement patterns that can be making prolapse or diatasis symptoms worse, and work on uncovering compensations patterns to create a functional and responsive core.

Anna Restore Your Core Holding a Pelvis model


Another name for mobility training could be functional flexibility. It’s flexibility that gives you more movement options: being able to touch your toes, reach that glass that is high up on the shelf, getting up off the floor without moaning and groaning. Also reactivity: stumbling and not falling down, but moving on. 

Mobility is anti-aging work to help you stay active as you get older, maintaining your strength, flexibility and reflexes.


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