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Client Experiences*

Here are some of the different types of people with who have trained with me. 
*Names have been changed. 

Maureen (73)

Maureen first came to me to find out if there was anything she could do to slow down the effects of aging she saw affecting her older friends – hip and knee replacement surgery, post-menopausal incontinence .

Since before corona, she’s consistently taken in-studio and/or online lessons. After two or so years now, she’s getting more robust and more flexible.

What’s more, the arthritis in her hands has improved, and so far no sign of any of the age-related problems her friends are experiencing.

Natasja (49)
Marketing Manager

Every time Natasja would start working out at the gym, she would have to stop because she kept getting injured. She was frustrated because she wasn’t making any progress.

In her case, this was due to pelvic-instability.

Natasja started coming to me twice a week. Within a few weeks, she had already gained far more abdominal strength and muscle control.

This is often the much-needed prehab work people needed before starting a workout program.

Janneke (32)

Like many women before her, Janneke came to me with many of the common after-effects of childbirth – ­diastasis recti,  backache, and debilitating pain down the back of her leg that would put her out of action for a week at a time. She was afraid to play or pick up her kids for fear of making a wrong movement. 

Weekly sessions over time have helped Janneke gently build far greater strength and endurance. Her diastasis is gradually closing, her pain is greatly decreased and she’s only had one bout of leg pain, which lasted just one day rather than a whole week.

Even better, she now has the tools with which she knows how to manage her pain if it flares up. 

Maarten (41)

Maarten had been in a serious car accident several years before he came to me with back pain, posture problems, and poor flexibility.

We’ve been working together twice a week for three years now – and since corona, exclusively online.

He now experiences far fewer bouts of back pain, his posture has improved beyond measure, and he’s much more flexible throughout his entire body.

Tabitha (27)

Software Designer

It’s becoming increasingly common for people – even as young as Tabitha – to suffer from neck and back pain and poor posture.

Since the beginning of corona, many of us have been working from home … on the sofa, at the kitchen table. And few of us had the ergonomic, posture-friendly chairs, desks, and screens we were used to at the office.

After only a few weekly sessions, Tabitha’s posture started improving noticeably, relieving her neck and back pain considerably.

Caitlin (38)
Film Producer

Corona, lockdowns, working from home, running a household, her mother’s passing, a child under 6.

With all this, Caitlin had had no time to exercise and was left feeling totally disconnected from her body.

Weekly RYC® sessions with me helped her reconnect with her body, relieve stress and tension, and even regain strength and resilience. Our weekly one on one lessons were much needed time for her to take care of her self and her needs. 


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