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Pilates teachers: In a teaching rut? Here are some ways to pull yourself out of one.

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

I had a chat with a friend/colleague yesterday about how to get out of a rut. He was stuck and couldn’t get new ideas. He had tons of new clients, new classes, he could barely remember their names, never mind their health/physical conditions, and then the owner was giving him instruction that he couldn’t use that class plan for the next class… it was all very overwhelming.

I’m stuck. How do I work with this group? They can’t bend their spine… I forgot to give this client a special device. Ack! How am I going to survive? They can’t do spinal articulation!!

Been there, done that?

Have you ever been teaching and a client says: I can’t do deep knee bends. All you can think about is deep knee bends. Or even worse, you spent your free time creating a class plan to work on their knee bends??

Yes, that happens.

What to do?

I have to say that I absolutely respect my friend for reaching out. All too often as teachers, we stay stuck in our own little worlds and our own little heads, and bash ourselves over the head with our failures and lack of….whatever is the flavour of the day: I’m not creative, I’m a bad teacher, I wish I had made up that exercise first before that teacher ...

Take your choice of type of whip with which to beat yourself.

How to get out of this cycle?

Reach out for advice. Even if you get the WORST advice ever (you don't have to follow it), it can create a contrast to what you're doing right now and at least show you that there are options.

Treat yourself to a new experience. Something that shakes you up and takes you out of your regular life. Do something that makes you see the world through a different lens.

SO my colleague made a great choice: he contacted me to discuss his problems and expose that he was in this stuck place. When we’re in that place, we can often feel like nothing we do is good enough. It’s not the case. Usually we just need to clean our glasses*, and let the true colours of the world shine in. The world is a better place than we think, and most people mean well. But if we’re an unhappy place that one day, it can feel like the whole world is against us, and we look for proof of that, even when we get feedback and even if it comes from a good, well-meaning place.

Talking to a good friend, someone who is outside the situation, who will comfort you and also help you with the support and viewpoint to help you get back to teaching from your confident, connected, inspired self.

I’m here for you as a teacher and mentor. I’m starting a mentorship for former students.

I only have space for four peeps.

If you want to connect through WhatsApp, and get responses within 48hrs to your Pilates questions, advice on how to deal with challenging clients and or work situations, I can help you

(€15/month membership).

For €95/month, we can connect online or in person for a monthly 1 on 1 pilates session, and also the above.

*use dishsoap and a microfiber cloth.

Thank me later

NO ROBOTS (except spellcheck) were used in the writing of this blog post.

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