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Anna Levin Pilates mat exercise control balance


Welcome to zenergy. 

Exercise and movement doesn't have to be a punishment. Improving your strength and flexibilty will help you find your way to better fitness, better mood even living better.

Pilates, Mobility and Strength training

are ways to start you on that journey

of ownership of your body. 

If you're looking to get moving, get stronger, more flexible, to keep yourself healthy or to recover from injury, give me a shout,

I'm here for you.

This is my plan for you: 

To feel better in your body

If you feel good about yourself, you will have more energy to move more and you will love your body for what it can do, not for what it looks like.

- Anna Levin



Hi Anna, your classes are amazing!! I love the detailed instruction and the type of challenge.... I will come back...

I've been seeing Anna for regular private sessions for almost 10 years and can confidently say she's a miracle worker. She's helped me deal with various injuries and issues (including getting old!) in a super-professional way. She listens as well as talks and sessions with her are fun as well as challenging and healing.

 Thank you for your lessons. I always feel better afterwards, not in the last place because of your sense of humour! 😀

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Van Hallstraat 294, BG 1051 HM Amsterdam


+31 6 4268 3073

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